Book Number Twenty-One!!!


Hello, Dear Friends!!! 

It is WINTER in West Michigan. Oh, is it ever! Last I dared venture out with my dog into the backyard to carve him a few trails wearing my knee-high boots and my long winter coat, I measured the snow with my trusty yardstick and found it to be 21″ deep. But that was last week, and since then, it has continued to snow. I am afraid to take my yardstick out there again. I don’t really WANT to know anymore. 

Yep, it’s winter all right, but this one thing I know; SPRING is coming, and for that I am glad. I look forward to seeing the earth again, and the wet grass, and the tiny buds on the trees that hold so much promise.

There are good things about winter, particularly the month of January, as that is primarily the month that my newest books release. Her Steadfast Heart, this year’s release, is book #2 in my “Hearts of Honor” Series, and it has been so much fun to welcome this book onto my bookshelf along with 20 others. Yep, it’s true. As of 2007, I have somehow (by God’s grace alone) managed to write and publish a total of 21 novels. I hope you’ll get a chance to purchase and read this newest one. In case you’re interested, let me post the book’s premise here:

Joey Fuller is still mourning three years after his wife’s death, so much so that he leaves his four rambunctious young children to throw himself into the Civil War as a Union captain. But his kids are so ill-behaved that nannies keep quitting—and now, his mother has a broken leg and can’t handle them either. In desperation, Joey decides to advertise for a wife.

Faith Haviland is in a different kind of mourning. Not long ago, her fiancé left her to marry her best friend. Her customers at the diner where she works keep reminding her of that humiliating event and one of them, an older man, has been making aggressive advances. She’s desperate to flee the city—and Joey Fuller’s “Wife Needed” ad seems to be the answer to a prayer.

Will Faith live up to her name when Joey’s kids torment her with their mischief? Can she surrender this strange marriage to God while her new aloof husband is off fighting? And will a string of buttons convince her that he truly loves her?

Sound intriguing? I hope so!

You can find it at Barnes & Nobles across the country, or if you don’t find it on their shelves, ask a clerk to order it for you. You can also go online at BarnesandNoble(dot)com, Amazon(dot)com, ChristianBook(dot)com, or just go to the book section right here at my website and click on the book.

And now…back to my WIP (work in progress) ~ book #22, Her Guarded Heart. Yep, a new book is in the making.

God’s VERY best blessings to each of you!





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