My Contact Info:

If you need a speaker for your event, shoot me an email at – or call me at 616-846-2034 (landline) or 616-402-1370 (cell) to let me know your speaking needs.

I love to speak to groups, whether large or small, meaning weekend women’s retreats, one-day events, teas, banquets, community events, libraries, etc! You name it, I’ll try to be there if you give me enough notice and it fits within my sphere of interest.


My Fees:

My event fees are as follows:

Weekend Women’s Retreats – Friday night through Saturday afternoon (3-4 speaking slots) – $350. plus travel expense, overnight accommodations and food (that involves staying overnight in the same facility as the other women). Please provide a table for my books and an assistant to help with sales. (Assistant earns a 3-book set.)

One-Day Women’s Events (two speaking slots) – $150 plus travel expense. Please provide a table for my books and an assistant to help with sales. (Assistant earns a 3-book set.)

One-Day event such as a banquet or tea (one speaking slot) – $100 plus travel expense. Please provide a table for my books and an assistant to help with sales. (Assistant earns a 3-book set.)

Charitable events such as school classrooms, Lions Club, Rotary, and other such non-profit organizations are FREE. (If I have to drive a distance, I do appreciate a travel allowance.) 

Libraries – If I receive an invitation to make a library presentation, I try not to charge a fee (unless your library has a built-in budget for speakers), but if I have to drive a distance, I do ask for a travel allowance. I also like the freedom to set up a book table so that I may sell my merchandise at greatly reduced prices. A typical talk runs about 45-minutes with a time for Q & A built into that time period. I generally speak about my writing journey, the writing/publishing process, and give a few writing tips. (No assistant is needed for selling books.)


My Topics

I can speak on most any topic if you will provide me your theme. Otherwise, these are a few of my topic titles:
GOD USES CRACKED CUPS! – This is a talk in which I incorporate plenty of humor and full-of-life stories from life experiences. I liken the cracked cups to our own lives, and how though we may be cracked, wrinkled, broken, or marred, we are STILL useful. I encourage women to surrender their lives and hearts to the Artist who created them and allow Him to use them in spite of their flaws, and in spite of the age, stage, or phase of life they might find themselves in.

I AM A PRINCESS! – This is a talk for all ages (Mother/Daughter tea?) in which I talk about our position with the King of King, how we are all His daughters and therefore “royalty” in God’s eyes. Humorous stories intertwined will keep the talk moving along.

DEAL OF THE DAY! This is a talk in which I speak about the hidden treasures God has for those who believe, but also for those who make the right choices. I talk about what’s behind door number one, door number two, and door number three. Behind one of these door is the “Deal-of-the-Day!”, that is, JESUS CHRIST! But we must pray, believe, and choose carefully in order to find Him. As in all my talks, I love to incorporate humor. One of my joys in life is making people laugh!

YOUR THEME: If you will tell me your particular theme, I will build a talk or series of talks to fit within your designated theme.


What people have said about sharlene maclaren’s talks!

“She had me laughing from the first moment she opened her mouth!”


“We had Sharlene speak at our ladies’ activity day, and I enjoyed her inspirational words so much!”


“After Sharlene’s talk, I felt refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on my responsibilities at work and home with joy in my heart!”

“This woman is funny!”


“I finally realized I don’t have to be perfect to win God’s approval; I just have to yield to His purposes for my life. Thank you, Sharlene, for making this clear to me.”


“At times, I laughed so hard, I had tears running down my face, and at other times, I felt a gentle tug from the Holy Spirit that I needed to make some life changes. Thanks for that, Shar.”


“I enjoyed listening to Sharlene talk to us about how God honors a surrendered heart. This is something I need to work on, and she nailed it.”


“I love the practical truths Shar brings to the surface as she talks. She not only entertains; she teaches. This is a difficult task for some speakers, but Shar has tackled it with ease.”


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