Book Number Twenty-One!!!

Hello, Dear Friends!!!  It is WINTER in West Michigan. Oh, is it ever! Last I dared venture out with my dog into the backyard to carve him a few trails wearing my knee-high boots and my long winter coat, I measured the snow with my trusty yardstick and found it to be...

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"Peace doesn't come from finding a lake with no storms. It comes from having Jesus in the boat." John OrtbergWow! I resonate with this quote, don't you? How many storms have you weathered in your lifetime? I venture to say you've been through dozens. I know I have....

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Think about that word for a minute. What does it mean to you? I’ve always loved the word joy. In fact, my older daughter’s middle name is Joy, and when she married and had her own daughter, she gave her the same middle name. Joy and happiness intermingle, don’t they,...

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Brand New

There is something about those two words, brand new, that make joy bubble up inside of me. Brand new dress, brand new book, brand new shoes, brand new house, brand new car, brand new baby (what household doesn’t love the sounds of brand new baby?), brand new coat,...

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