The Four P’s to Publication


Now in my 70’s, I can look back over the years and clearly see God’s hand in my writing ministry. Throughout my first attempt at writing fiction (I was a ripe 51 years of age!), I stopped, knelt at my bed and PRAYED, asking God to direct me if this was of Him. Then, I PERSEVERED, never giving publishing a single thought until I’d written four complete manuscripts in one year’s time. Yes, I’m talking full-length novels. This was my clue that I’d been given a brand new PASSION. After that, I allowed a few choice friends to read my manuscripts and I let their encouragement soak in, which gave me the courage to look into publishing. That’s where the PREPARATION really took flight. I started honing my writing skills by reading ‘how-to’ books on the craft, attending writing seminars, joining some online critique/chat groups, and doing hours upon hours of studying the entire publishing industry. I had to learn what a query letter was, how it differed from a proposal, which publishers were looking for MY genre, and on and on. Once I started the submission process, I started my file folder of rejection letters, which grew thicker by the month. I would exhaust all my chances with one manuscript then start on another one. Once I finished pitching every manuscript I had, I’d start a brand new book. This went on for six years, nonstop writing, feeding my passion almost around the clock, and constantly reminding myself of an instant in time when I sensed the Lord telling me my passion would one day PAY OFF.

Writing is not easy. It’s plain old hard work. And breaking into publishing is a job like no other. BUT with God, all things are possible, and I learned that to the fullest when I signed my first contract six years after writing that first novel.

If one is passionate about writing, can’t stop ‘eating, sleeping, drinking’ it, continually manufactures new story ideas, longs to sit at the computer and pound out one word after another, then it’s a GIFT! And God will be sure to use it in some form or other, if not in publishing then in ministry.

God doesn’t just hand us a gift and say, “Here, this is for your pleasure alone. Don’t share it.” No, His gifts are given with strict instructions to go out and USE them for His honor and glory.


Words that Describe Emotions:


abandoned, agitated, alarmed, anxious, apprehensive, bothered, cautious, concerned, desperate, distraught, disturbed, edgy, fearful, frightened, hesitant, horrified, hysterical, jumpy, nervous, panicked, perturbed, petrified, scared, shocked, threatened, terrified, timid, uneasy, unnerved, worried


apathetic, bitter, contemptuous, cross, cruel, defiant, disobedient, enraged, fed up, fuming, furious, hateful, heated, hostile, incensed, indignant, infuriated, irate, jealous, livid, mad, mean, outraged, raging, rancorous, raving, resentful, seething, spiteful, stubborn, ticked off, unforgiving, vengeful


affirmative, amazed, ambitious, bright, brave, buoyant, calm, certain, cheerful, converted, convinced, courageous, definite, determined, empowered, encouraged, enthusiastic, exhilarated, helpful, hopeful, independent, loyal, optimistic, persuaded, positive, proud, respectful, sanguine, secure, sure, strong, triumphant, trusting, upbeat


arbitrary, bewildered, bored, capricious, cautious, changeable, confused, cynical, despairing, disbelieving, distant, distrustful, dithering, dubious, hesitant, erratic, evasive, fickle, impulsive, inconsistent, indecisive, indifferent, insecure, irresolute, powerless, preoccupied, puzzled, shy, skeptical, suspicious, timid, torn, uncertain, unconvinced, undetermined, uninformed, unpredictable, unreliable, unsure, vacillating, variable, volatile, wavering, weak


blissful, calm, carefree, cheerful, comfortable, complacent, contented, delighted, ecstatic, elated, enthusiastic, exalted, excited, exultant, fantastic, festive, glad, grateful, inspired, joyful, joyous, jubilant, lighthearted, optimistic, peaceful, playful, pleased, pleasant, relaxed, relieved, satisfied, serene, tranquil, thrilled


abandoned, broken, crushed, damaged, disappointed, disillusioned, disregarded, harmed, heartbroken, helpless, impaired, injured, marred, messed up, misunderstood, offended, rejected, shocked, spoiled, tarnished, unnoticed, unwanted, wounded


absorbed, amazed, ambitious, attracted, awed, captivated, concerned, curious, eager, earnest, enchanted, engaged, engrossed, enraptured, enthralled, enthusiastic, excited, fascinated, gripped, held, immersed, involved, inquisitive, intent, intrigued, mesmerized, obsessed, pitying, preoccupied, rapt, spellbound, sympathetic, wrapped up


aggravated, annoyed, bothered, cross, displeased, distressed, exasperated, frustrated, goaded, grumpy, impatient, offended, overwrought, peeved, provoked, shaky, strained, tense, troubled, uncomfortable, upset, vexed


accepting, admiring, adoring, affectionate, amorous, awed, caring, close, compassionate, considerate, delicate, devoted, doting, fond, friendly, humble, kind, open, passionate, pitying, sharing, tender, understanding, warm


bleak, cheerless, defeated, depressed, despairing, disappointed, discouraged, disheartened, dismal, dour, dreary, dull, gloomy, grieving, grim, heartbroken, helpless, hopeless, lonely, low, melancholic, miserable, moody, murky, ominous, pessimistic, poignant, regretful, remorseful, somber, sorrowful, sulky, uninviting


affronted, ashamed, besmirched, corrupted, disgraced, debased, degraded, defiled, desecrated, despoiled, dirtied, dishonored, embarrassed, fouled, helpless, humiliated, mortified, offended, regretful, remorseful, ruined, shown up, soiled, spoiled, stupid, sullied, tainted, tarnished, ugly, violated


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