Sharlene MacLaren
Christian author

Series Title: Tennessee Dreams

Paris, Tennessee
Period: 1890s

1. Heart of Mercy (January 2014)
2. Threads of Joy (July 2014)
3. Gift of Grace (January 2015)

Heart of Mercy: A judge rules two young boys whose parents perish in a fire must go to a married couple, but the woman who can best care for them doesn’t have a husband. She must find a man—and fast, but how can she possibly marry the man whose father murdered hers?

Threads of Joy: A divorced woman with a young daughter living next door to a handsome preacher equals a scandal waiting to happen. Or…it could equal redemption, new love, and fresh beginnings.

Gift of Grace: A young woman leaves her Boston roots behind to tend an ailing aunt in Paris, Tennessee and quickly falls in love with a distinguished lawyer. Weeks before the wedding her former fiancé whom she’d given up for dead reemerges to claim his bride. Sparks fly and death threats abound in this tale of love and deceit.



Heart of Mercy grabs you from the first page and by the time you look care about the characters so much you don't want to look away. 

Mary Connealy, Bestselling Author

Writes Romantic Comedies with Cowboys



If you've read Sharlene MacLaren before, you already know she's a masterful storyteller. If you haven't, you'd better clear room on your "keepers" shelf, because after reading Heart of Mercy, you'll want to devour every Sharlene story you can get your hands on! Once again, she delivers a poignant tale that features people just like us--flawed, wounded, and struggling to hold fast to faith...and the belief that true forgiveness and lasting love really exists.

Loree Lough, Bestselling author of 100 award-winning books, including reader favorites such as A Man of Honor, For Love of Eli, and Raising Connor.



Heart of Mercy, the first book in Sharlene MacLaren's Tennessee Dreams series, will delight her fans. The characters grabbed my heart right from the start. With a feud between two mountain families that has spanned several generations, and a strong young man and an equally strong young woman, who both need a spouse, the sparks fly literally and figuratively. This Tennessee mountain Romeo and Juliet story is a roller-coaster ride of a tale! This is MacLaren’s best yet. Of course, I think that with each of her books!

Lena Nelson Dooley, award-winning author of Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico, and her McKenna's Daughters series



Feuding families. Forbidden romance. A first real kiss that leaves you breathless. With nail-biting excitement, a heart-tugging marriage of convenience, and a powerful message of faith and forgiveness, Heart of Mercy is Shar MacLaren’s best book to date. I loved it!

Vickie McDonough, award-winning author of Whispers on the Prairie and Call of the Prairie



Three words come to mind when I think of Sharlene MacLaren's amazing novel, Heart of Mercy: Lovely, lovely, lovely! Truly, one of the best inspirational historicals I've read in ages, with the ideal mix of romance and intrigue. Highly recommended!

Janice Thompson, author of Queen of the Waves


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